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Medical Patient: Chemotherapy hair loss

Woman: Thinning hair, coloring hair too regularly, covering white hair

Men: Male-pattern baldness, receding hairline


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Business hours

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Customer Feedbacks

Helps countless medical patients and those in need to get rid of hair loss

Mr Cheung (Receding hairline)
“Altermode’s hair wig is very light and super comfortable for long-term use.”

Miss Chan (Chemotherapy hair loss)
“My hair had started to fall out after chemotherapy treatment, so I bought a hair wig from Altermode. Surprisingly, It looks very natural!”

Miss Leung (Covering white hair)
” Altermode’s hair wig covers my white hair perfectly, so I don’t have to re-dye it every month now. My husband even said that I look younger and prettier than before.

Altermode Wig